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Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project in Nepal

Dam site at Lamabagar
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UTKHPL) is a subsidiary company of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for survey, design, construction, operation and management of 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project (UTKHEP) including selling of generated power to the grid operator by utilizing national financial and technical resources. The Company has also aimed to develop other hydropower projects in the country. The Company is registered in Company Registrar Office in March 2007 (2063/11/25 B.S.). Before start of the day-to-day operation of the Company, Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric Project was managed by NEA.
Feasibility Study to produce a bankable report for UTKHPL located in the lower region of the Higher Himalayas 100 km northeast of Kathmandu and 60 km west of Mt Everest.
Run-of-river project with capacity for daily peaking operation to be developed as BOOT with foreign investment for covering domestic demand and possible export of surplus energy to India.
Gross head 820m, maximum output 309 MW and mean annual electricity production 1,727 GWh.
Main features of power plant:
  • Intake dam of concrete of maximum height 23m and four bottom outlets for sediment flushing
  • River intake and two 250m long settling basins
  • Power intake and a 7,200 long headrace tunnel
  • Combined construction access and surge tunnel
  • Pressure shaft, partly concrete lined and partly steel-lined
  • Underground powerhouse with four pelton units
  • Underground transformer cavern and SF6 insulated switchgear
  • Cable, access and ventilation tunnels
  • 2,500m long tailrace tunnel designed for free surface flow.
The study included optimisation of capacity, power system analysis of and the 47 km long 230 kV double circuit transmission line for connection at Khimti HEP.


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